Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Janowski-model money game cube statistics

I've got a working doubling strategy in my backgammon framework now for money games, applying Janowski's model.

Now I can calculate some statistics on the values of the cube; kind of like an analysis on Jellyfish doubling that was done in 1999.

I'm interested in how doubling statistics change as Janowski's cube life index (sometimes called cube efficiency) varies. I ran 100k cubeful money games, using Player 3.3 for checker play, and Janowski's doubling model for different cube life index values.

Percent cashed21.827.440.050.996.3
Percent single55.451.245.934.80.4
Percent gammon21.820.318.113.63.1
Percent backgammon1.
Average cube14.74.492.721.891
Percent cube=
Percent cube=224.247.861.056.70
Percent cube=424.431.321.28.50
Percent cube=818.612.24.50.80
Percent cube=1612.84.10.800
Percent cube=328.21.10.100
Percent cube=6411.10.4000

In the case of x=1 (the live cube limit) the initial double point is right at the cash point, so the player never offers a double when the opponent will take. Most games then end in cashes.

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