Sunday, July 11, 2021

The latest GnuBG benchmark files

I found the latest versions of the GnuBG benchmark databases here. They've moved around in the 10y since I last looked for them! The file format remains the same, though I had to rebuild the parser for the 20-character string board descriptor in here.

Remember: the benchmark databases given a bunch of starting boards, rolls, and for each, the top five boards with post-roll equity for each.

There's also a set of training databases that gives a list of boards with pre-roll probabilities for the different game outcomes; that's what we do supervised learning against. Those are here. A description of the contents is here.

These training databases have grown substantially in the intervening years: there are now 1,225,297 entries for contact, 600,895 for crashed; and 516,818 for race.

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